2012 Ford Escape SUV User Owner Manual & Maintenance Guides

2012 Ford Escape SUV User Owner Manual & Maintenance Guides Ford strongly recommends the use of genuine Ford replacement parts.  Parts other than Ford, Motorcraft or Ford-authorized remanufactured  parts that are used for maintenance replacement or for the service of  components affecting emission control must be equivalent to genuine  Ford Motor Company parts in performance and durability.

 It is the  owner’s responsibility to determine the equivalency of such parts. Please  consult your Warranty Guide for complete warranty information.  Chemicals or additives not approved by Ford are not required for factory  recommended maintenance. In fact, Ford Motor Company recommends  against the use of such additive products unless specifically  recommended by Ford for a particular application.

2012 Ford Escape SUV User Owner Manual & Maintenance Guides

 2012 Ford Escape SUV User Owner Manual & Maintenance Guides

Oils, fluids and flushing  In many cases, fluid discoloration is a normal operating characteristic
and, by itself, does not necessarily indicate a concern or that the fluid  needs to be changed. However, discolored fluids that also show signs of  overheating and/or foreign material contamination should be inspected  immediately by a qualified expert such as the factory-trained technicians  at your dealership. Your vehicle’s oils and fluids should be changed at the  specified intervals or in conjunction with a repair.

 Flushing is a viable  way to change fluid for many vehicle sub-systems during scheduled
maintenance. It is critical that systems are flushed only with new fluid  that is the same as that required to fill and operate the system, or using  a Ford-approved flushing chemical.


Introduction 4
Instrument Cluster 12
Warning lights and chimes 12
Gauges 17
Message center 20
Entertainment Systems 28
AM/FM stereo with CD/MP3 28
Auxiliary input jack (Line in) 37
USB port 39
Satellite radio information 42
Navigation system 45
Climate Controls 46
Manual heating and air conditioning 46
Dual automatic temperature control 49
Rear window defroster 52
Lights 53
Headlamps 53
Turn signal control 57
Bulb replacement 59
Driver Controls 65
Windshield wiper/washer control 65
Steering wheel adjustment 66
Power windows 71
Mirrors 72
Speed control 74
Moon roof

 Genuine Ford parts and service :
When planning your maintenance services, consider your dealership for  all your vehicle’s needs.
There are a lot of reasons why visiting your dealership for all your  service needs is a great way to help keep your vehicle running great.

Convenience :
Many dealerships have extended evening and Saturday hours to make  your service visit more convenient. How’s that for quality service?

Factory-trained technicians
Service technicians participate in extensive factory-sponsored
certification training to help them become experts on the operation of
your vehicle. Ask your dealership about the training and certification
their technicians have received.

Ford Escape 2012 Owner Manual
Ford Escape 2012 Owner Manual
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2012 Ford Escape SUV User Owner Manual & Maintenance Guides

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